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November 01, 2007


Sylvia Rush

Wow, I can't get over how beautiful these pictures came out. I keep wanting to watch them over and over again. Tiffany you are so beautiful and I'm touched by how Geanette has captured you and Ronnie's love for each other in these pictures.


What a beautiful video. This is the most angelic video I have ever seen.You really have captured 2 of the most important loves of all times. Just look in there eyes and you will see what is in there hearts. They are just starting off and they already have so much going for them.I have watched this video 5 times already and it has made me cry in every one of them. It is so sweet and precious just like the two of them.Great job and my comps to you on a job very well done.Best of luck to you both Tiffany and Ronnie.I love you both.Mom

Lyle & Connie

Tiffany/Ronnie... This was a great video/audio clip. Kaitlyn and I started dancing to the rhytme as Dyaln stood in the background throwing objects at us.

I think it is great you two found each other, and we are very happy for you both.


Tiffany...I am soooo happy you like 'em! You two made it soo easy and I had alot of fun taking the photographs! Just wait till w-day!

Monique Thrash

WOW...great job! Never seen anything like this before.
So happy for you both.

Uncle Greg

Monique Thrash

My compliments to the photographer, great job!! I was so touched to see them so happy...made me cry.


Aunt Monique

Tiffany Rush

Geanette! I love the picture's they turned out so much better than I thought they would and this is coming from someone who hate every picture she has ever taken. Thank you so much, I just emailed a link to the pictures to all our family and friends.

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